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I'm Kristin

If you've found your way here I'm guessing you have more love for your clients and business than you do your current website.


You've thought about changing it yourself but it's the task that never seems to get done.

You are not alone.

Over the years I've seen my solopreneur friends struggle, just like you. They've taken time away from clients and skipped their vacation to pour time into launching their website and all they've gotten in return is frustration. The same frustration I've had trying to create my own workout program, plan a large meal or keep my closet organized. 

We all have our own strengths. That's why I built my business around my love for web design.

I'm here to turn your DIY website frustration into an online space you love. And since we'll design your new digital home on Squarespace or Shinepages, you won't be stuck waiting on a developer for every change you want to make.

If you're ready to launch your website, stress-free, review my design packages or send me a message below and let's chat.


I love tech so you don't have to.


Ready to start or have questions?

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