Posy House Styling Co.

The Client

Bianca is the brains behind Posy House Styling Co., a "one-stop-shop" designed to help you feel great about yourself and your home.

As an Interior Designer and a Master Hairstylist, Bianca helps her clients express themselves through style and decoration.

The Project

Created when she first went into business, Bianca's one-page scrolling website no longer served her needs. 

Her original site highlight the hair salon prominently but the interior design work faded into the background, and it was time to let it shine. She needed a site to show clients what she's capable of.

We also wanted to design easy and obvious navigation and calls to action, create an email opt-in option, find space to highlight the new Covid-19 procedures.

Posy House Wix website screenshots

The Design

Our redesign focused on the bringing the interior design work to the forefront. A reimagined hero section, with a clear call to action set the tone for the remainder of the site.

We created individual spaces to showcase her hair styling vs her interior design work along with separate portfolios of projects. 

Additional features for her to capture email addresses, a header navigation bar and a space to highlight new items in her pop-up shop rounded out the redesign.

End Result

Bianca now has confidence sending prospective clients to her website, knowing that it represents what Posy House Styling Co. has to offer.

With the freedom to make updates on her own, she can highlight new products and services as needed, knowing that her core offerings are always highlighted.

"...aside from being a total whiz with online design, Kris also brings business prowess, graceful people skills and thoughtful, savvy style.

~ Bianca Sarmazian

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