Caitriona Keown

The Client

Caitriona is a psychotherapist who helps youth and young adults connect with their strengths, view their issues in new ways and develop effective tools to build their confidence.

With 10yrs experience working as a therapist in different settings and with diverse populations, Caitriona has taken the leap, launching her own practice.

The Project

When Caitriona and I met she was exploring options for her first ever website launch. It was important to her that the site represent her welcoming approach and be clean and easy to navigate. 

Visitors needed to be able to start to form a connection with Caitriona immediately and book appointments from the site to capture the moment people decide therapy is the right thing for them.

Caitriona Mock Canva.jpg
Caitriona Wix Website Pages

The Design

Using clean lines and the colours from Caitriona's logo we created a professional but vibrant and welcoming look.

The home page takes the visitor along a journey of who therapy is for and how it can help, who Caitriona serves and a place to find answers to the most common questions. The beautiful photographs put a face to the services provided and builds connection.

Supporting pages about Caitriona and her services let visitors dive deeper into her methodologies and understand her as a person.

End Result

Caitriona's visitors can easily navigate to learn about what she has to offer and then quickly book an appointment.

Knowing that blogging is in her future, we created the pages but kept them hidden so there are no technical hurdles to cross as her online presence grows.

With a website that really serves both her and her clients, Caitriona has a site she loves. One that gives her confidence as she steps into the role of CEO in her own business.

"...every time I open it up and take a look, I feel confident and proud of how I am represented in my website."

~ Caitriona Keown

Ready to launch a website that attracts clients and gives you the confidence to move forward with your business?